Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun times in my life!

It's a rainy day in Florida so as I seat at my computer and look through old pictures I remember
some fun times in my life. These pictures are just a few.
My wedding to Leigh, we had a wonderful time dancing and that feeling of love. Our trip to Alaska where we did so many fun things like bush plane ride over Mt McKinley( Denali )
and white water rafting in class 5 rapids. My ride on the rides at Ocean View when I was 12 and my mother took me there. Catching my first big bass in the 1000 islands. Taking my grandmother Katherine through the New England States on her 80th birthday. Vacation with my daughter Joy and grand kids in Duck. Fun times in the 1000 islands with my cousin Johnny and his girl Rena. Also taking my aunt Doris there as she never got to go anywhere. And of course the Toga party Skip had at our house in Owego. There are many many more but this is just a few wonderful memories of fun times. As I look at all the pictures I love remember happy times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lazy Day!

Today was a lazy day for me today! My husband was off so we did our 6 mile morning walk and I did my housekeeping. Leigh went to the nursing home to fed his dad and I opted to stay home and go to the beach. It was really warm today it got into the 80's but there was a haze over the beach most of the day today. But I went and sat and read my book and believe it or not I got sun through that haze.
Then I came home and sat out on the deck and read some more. Just relaxing and enjoying the day. It is nice to have these lazy days every once in awhile. Then to finish the day off we walked down to the Fisherman's Net for their Tuesday night fish fry. Life is good in Florida!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Morning Walk!

Good morning! I am sure you are probably tired of seeing our walk pictures, but our life now has a routine and the walk is part of it. We walk go to the nursing home and just hang out. Life is alittle boring right now.
Today's walk shows what this cold snap in Florida has done to plants, flowers, and fruit. it was freezing this morning for the 3rd day, but as we walked temperatures have started to rise and today it should be around 68. There were quite a few birds in the marsh this morning and on the beach I did not post us feeding the gulls again. LOL.
Well I better go I have to run back to farmer market to get our kettle corn.
To all of you who read this blog have a nice day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

update on Grandpa Page

Yesterday we got the care plan update on Grandpa Page. The good news is they have taken him off Hospice and he has gained 2 pounds. When we got here he was losing weight and not very alert. That has changed. Thank you God! But we are somewhat concerned as for the last few days he has not eating well and he has developed a cough. A cough and fluid in his lungs is what got him down before. He has pulled out of it each time but we always worry when he gets the cough and slows his eating. But for now we will take the good news and pray about the bad.
Dear family please keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another cold day in Florida!

We had to get up at 3 AM this morning to put our awning down. The wind was blowing so hard we thought it was going to blow the RV over with the awning up. So here we were out there in the cold in our PJ's putting the awning down in the wind. Any RV owners can tell you how much fun that is. So we slept in until 7:30 AM a first for us as we are usually up by 5 am.

So then we had oatmeal because the temps dropped last night and the wind chill made it feel like about 20 degrees. But that did not stop us from doing our walk and feeding the gulls. The gulls look for us now and as soon as we hit the beach they are there mouths open.

The rest of the day I am sitting watching TV and history in the making. I wanted Hillary but I hope Obama can make the changes he promised. And whether I voted for him or not I am happy to be a part of history in the making. And bring back the dream that every child in America can someday grow up to be president.

Monday, January 19, 2009

True beauty

I have seen this couple walking on the beach many times. They walk hand in hand. She in her bikini. I want to be like that someday. Not ashamed of my body. Happy to be alive and walking hand in hand with my husband down the beach just enjoying the sunshine.
Leigh and I are getting there. We have grown closer as we travel around America and enjoy the sites and new friends along the way. We have been learning new life lessons as we go. This is a good time in our lives. In a few years we might stop traveling and be like this couple out for a stroll on the beach here in Florida. But for now we have places to go and things to see and people to meet. We are so looking forward to leaving here in May and going to Maine for our next adventure.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Day for a ride!

Today was a great day for riding so we headed to the nursing home to feed dad. Then we went to the Iron Horse Saloon to spend the gift certificate Paulie gave us for Christmas. I got 2 long sleeve 2009 bike week shirts and Leigh got 2 also.

We then went to Daytona Beach to try the find the flea market but, we could not find it so we took the scenic ride through the Ormond loop and then finished off the day at Finn's on the roof top over looking the ocean. It was a good day in Florida!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold morning walk in Florida!

This morning the temperatures were in the 30's with wind chills in the 20's but that doesn't stop this old lady from walking. Leigh walked with me today so he got some good shots of me feeding the gullies. We first walk the marsh, then today being Friday we walked past the farmers market. We even passed up the kettle corn stand my favorite and the farmers market. Then on to the beach and home for a hot cup ot tea. We only did 2 miles today.

Feeding the sea gullies

Today's walk was cold and windy for Florida, But leigh walked with me this time so you can see me feeding the gulies not just the gullies. Today was a good day's walk and we passed the farmer's markey and walked the marsh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Morning Walk

After being sick with a cold or whatever it was Leigh and I are finally feeling somewhat better.
We still have the cough and the drainage but we are starting to get out some. We have been missing our walks as we just didn't feel up to it. So today, as Leigh left for work i went with him and continued on for my walk through the marsh and to the beach. I didn't do the six miles but at least I have started again.
Today I saw a blue herring and some egrets, but no whooping cranes. I wonder if they moved on or if they were just hidden today. I then went to the beach and feed the sea guiles and birds some bread I love to watch them when you feed them.
So now hopefully I will have more to write about as we start going out again. We have gone daily to feed Leigh's dad and he had a couple real bad days and stayed in bed but he was up yesterday and seem to be better. Well that is all the news for now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Boat ride on the St John

After meeting Marilyn and Jim they took us to their boat and gave us a ride on the St John and that is how we ended our wonderful day spent with friends on the St john river. We a wonderful relaxing day we had and thank you Joan and Paul for planning this day for us.
This is blogged all wrong. I started it as a day on the st John so you may want to start there and then read til here. I put in on as we did it but as you can see it starts at the end of our day. silly me. But needless to say it was just a wonderful day in the neighborhood. gee, it so nice being in Florida in the winter. I could be huddled up close to the stove keeping warm. Life is good.

Lunch at pubside on the St John

We enjoyed a nice lunch with a cowboy singing country music entertaining us as we ate and danced. It was just a relaxing afternoon with our good friends showing us a good time Florida style. Paul and Joan have been so wonderful to us taking us under their wing. They have really opened up door for us in the workamping world and have been true friends we will cherish always. After our lunch they introduced us to their friends Jim and Maryiln.

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a first magnitude spring that discharges 104 million gallons of water daily into the St john river. Blue spring is the home for at least 15 threatened or endangered plants and animals.
Walking along see all the fish and manatees plants and birds was wonderful. It was just such a great day and we enjoyed blue springs greatly.

A Day on the ST John River

We started our day on the St john river by driving to Orange City to the home of our friends Paul and Joan. They had planned a day for us on the St john River, starting at Blue Spring State Park, winter home of around 200 manatees. A fun fact about the ST John river is that is is a north flowing river. There are only two in the world. Do you know what is the other north flowing River is???? If you do leave a comment.
We found the manatees laying on the sunny side of the blue spring inlet. It was awesome to see these gentle creatures. The weather was wonderful and this was the beginning of a wonderful day on the St John.