Saturday, October 31, 2009

Phase 2 yard improvement!

Well we worked today on phase 2 of our yard improvement. We took down the dry rotted fence in front of the house except the arch and added two climbing flowers to it. We have also added some new plants to the gardens out front. Once the grass comes back to life and the new plants take off it should be nice. there was 2 pieces of fence that was in good shape so we are putting it out back where people who use the access road next to the house turn around in the yard. the good fence will stop that from happen. Now we have to let Tru-green work they miracle with the grass. And hopefully we will see improvement. Comments are welcome if you think it looks better with or without the fence. The chairs are a before and after picture.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lawn Improvement

Well today we made a major investment in our new home. Even though we are renting we fell in love with this place. The folks who lived here before just worked all the time and did not take the time to care for this house and property like it deserves. They did nothing to the lawn and it is almost gone. They let old boats sit on the grass that killed off big patches of it. So after we moved in we power washed down the deck and got off all the green stuff and cleaned the house and shampooed the rugs. Put in new caulking in bathrooms. Now the big project the yard.

We hired a lawn care company to the tune of $677.00 for the year to get this yard in shape. They analysed the lawn they said it need aerating, potassium which they did today. Told us we need to buy grass plugs to fill in the bare spots. And they will weed and feed it every six weeks for the next year.

So off to Lowe's we went and bought the grass plugs and two sprinklers and some yard tools. We took pictures and we will update them as the yard improves. We hope to make this home and yard something special. And we hope to stay here for a long long time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Backyard visitors

This squirrel posing on our deck. This Gopher turtle who has a big hole in our yard .We had a couple of other visitors also. No picture though. A water moccasin 5 foot long, a raccoon very fat. I took a picture but must have deleted it and an armadillo. So we don't have bear like in Pennsylvania but we do have critters.

As far as other news goes Leigh's eye is healing well and he may not need the second eye done. We will know more in a couple of weeks. And I am working at Friend's Cafe this week to make a little extra money for cushions for the deck chairs. Not much other news except a couple we met and worked with in Arizona just got a job in Ormond beach The Cutlers. we are looking forward to getting together with them. And I am waiting to hear from our friends Paul and Joan to get together with them. They just got back from Montana. So not much news on the Page front just daily stuff.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Farmer's Market

We are adjusting to life in Flagler and I am as happy as a clam. We have a routine down. We go to Finn's for Leigh's Bud Shoot-out once a week. We go to the Farmer's market on Fridays for all the fresh veggies, fruits and other neat stuff. We ride our bikes at least twice a day for exercise.

We have started taking care of our health problems. Leigh had eye surgery on his right eye and hopefully he will be doing his left.

I have made my mammogram, as I was really scared I left 2 lumps but it was only calcium. I also had a pap test and am treating my little problem I had all summer.

We finally got the bike registered. Here in Florida you have to have the title you can't just transfer with your old registration. That was the worst. If you are a new resident to Florida they hit you with a new resident tax on your vehicles. My car was $475.00 and Leigh's bike was almost $200.00. But next year it will be more reasonably. Although that has doubled since September. The Governor is trying to keep from having a state tax so he is killing us with all these other taxes. So with everything transferred over we are official Floridians now.

But I am so enjoying living here. I dress in more colorful clothes I even went back to some hippy garb which is very popular down here. I buy all my clothes at thrift shops or garage sales.

Speaking of garages sales I have never seem such great ones in my life. We love the unique restaurants and cafes. We even work at one. Leigh is a dishwasher and me a buss girl. We go see the sunrises on the beach or just go and set on the beach for a couple of hours. Life is good in Florida. I love their layed back lifestyle.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Octoberfest Bike Week Daytona!

The October Bikefest was a wonderful time had by all. One of the things we like about this area is the bike week that happen twice a year. Once in March the biggest one and the October bike fest. This year we went out 3 days riding with people all over the country and parting and having a good time.

This year we celebrate up at Finn's our favorite place, went for rides and finished it off with the Charlie Daniels Concert.

Charlie Daniels was the best. He had two bands before he came on but I tell you for an old boy he sure puts on one heck of a concert. He is truly one of the good old boys of Country redneck music. We loved every minute of his concert and every minute of bike week.

Leigh and I may be old but not to old to have some good old fashion redneck fun!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well it was a busy weekend at the beach. The corvette club had a rally and competition and they had the nationals surf boarding competition going on. So there was lots to watch. Something for everyone. Leigh really enjoyed all the cars and I really enjoyed watching all the surfer dudes. Of course Leigh also enjoyed all the girls in their itsy, bitzy, teenie, weenie, bikinis.