Thursday, May 28, 2009

A rainy ride in Maine

We took a ride in the rain to Rockland Maine. We didn't get out and do much but eat. But there are some towns going in that direction on a sunny day I wish to explore. There are also some of the Maine lighthouse on the way. i can't wait to see. I wish the rain would stop soon so I can explore all Maine has to offer.

Sterling and Laura Wed

My son Sterling and his long time sweetheart Laura finally wed. They are a match made in heaven and I am so happy to see they have wed. I am so sorry I was not able to attend the wedding. I'm sure they will have every happiness as they have been together for a long time and have gone through most of the bad stuff. I wish them all the happiness a couple can possibly have.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend at Paul Bunyan Campground, Bangor, ME

We are working at Paul Bunyan Campground this year in Bangor Maine. It really is a neat little campground and the owners are very nice to work for. They do lots of fun things here. They had a hayride for the kids, they have a pool and horseshoes, a ball field, a game room and a camp store. We met some real nice folks since we have been there. A couple from Canada who are author and sculptor. Lots of kids and folks who live here in Maine but come here to camp.

On Monday we got to have a cookout with Theresa, Ashley, Joe and their friend Luke. It was fun eating sitting around the camp fire and making smores.

The campground has lots of other activities during the season. A Christmas in July, Halloween in August, and a blue grass festival in September. I think we will enjoy our season in Maine.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bike ride to Bar Harbor

Today was our day off so we took a bike ride to Bar Harbor. It was about 50 miles from where we are in Bangor. It was a great ride and Bar harbor is a real fun town on the coast. We did the shops and I want to go back because there was so many things I saw I wanted to buy. My friend Joan would go crazy there is so many jewelry shops. I saw lots of things I want to but for Christmas presents.

We then went down to the harbor and ate in the fish house. We sat out on the deck and Leigh had buffalo scallops and I had mussells. The temperature was in the 80's and I got a sun burn on the way back on the bike. All in all it was a real fun day! Can't wait to go back with money in hand.

Our Friend the Robin

This is our friend the robin. These pictures were taken in our RV as he is that close. But he is a stupid bird. He keeps hitting the Windows of the RV. he starts at 5AM and continues all day. I have shut the shades and tried to chase him away but he just keeps hitting our windows all day long. So if anyone has some suggestions of what I can do to stop that stupid bird please tell me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Touring Bangor

This is Stephen King's Estate, He has 2 houses. The landscaping is very nice. He is in a really nice historic part of Bangor. When his gate is open he is home. It was so nice to see where he lives you wouldn't think you could just walk up to his house like this.

The next part of the tour with Theresa and Joe was the waterfront in Bangor. It was pretty with all the trees in bloom. Then we headed to lunch at EPI. Very look pizzas and subs and reasonably priced.

Then we went to the Bangor Water Shed. Very famous landmark in Bangor. Then onto the big Paul Bunyan Statue. I guess Bangor has 2 famous people, Steven King and Paul Bunyan.

We had a fun day seeing Bangor and spending time together.