Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1959 Earthquake Destruction

This is a view of what was left of cottages that were destroyed during a earthquake here in 1959. There was a campground near here where it was buried under tons of rock and rubble and the bodies of the campers were never recovered. I'm happy this did not happen during our visit.

Huckley Berry picking at Beaver Creek

We went huckleyberry picking at Beaver Creek and got enough for some berry pancakes. I think the bears beat us to most of them there are 4 bears over at Beaver Creek although we did not see any while picking the berries.

Is snow coming soon?

We canidian geese and ducks and pelican are gathering in groups for going south. The geese have been flying over for a couple of weeks now. I think soon the weather will be changing in montana and snow is on the way. Hope it waits until we are out of here.

Lost Bison at Lonesomehurst Campground

This morning while I was doing my rounds to check if any new campers had come in, here was this Bison . He must have been lost because we don't see Bison here at Lonesomehurst. We saw plenty at Baker's Hole in the spring and in Yellowstone National Park , but never here at Lonesomehhurst. As we left to go do our laundry he had walked down the road to Rt 20 and started back up our way. You never know what you will see in Montana the last frontier.

Wildlife on road to wilderness edge retreat

How many people can boast this is what they see on their way to work. On my way to work at wilderness edge this is the wildlife I see everyday. The trip is always exciting because i wonder will I see deer or antelope or what kind of critters. Montana just has so much wildlife and we have so enjoyed seeing it all. I will miss this as we move on in a few weeks.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Saddle Horn Cabin at Wilderness Edge

This is the biggest of the cabins I clean at Wilderness Edge. It has a pool table lots of bedrooms and bathrooms. It's really a beautiful place inside decorated in the western style.

Sage Brush Cabin at wilderness Edge

This is the second biggest cabin at Wilderness Edge. It is a really nice place to vacation here in Montana. On the 4 mile dirt road to get here I saw antelope and deer on my way there.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Job

Well, as we wind down here at Lonesomehurst in Montana. I just got a short job at the Wilderness Edge Retreat. A wonderful place back in no wheres land in Montana close to the continental divide.

When I had my workamper pot luck one of the couple who worked there had bad news and they have to leave early so they co-workers who we are friends with us came over and told us about the opening. It will probably be only for 2 weeks or so but it will be extra gas money for us. So Monday at 10AM I will be starting my new job at the retreat. it's a beautiful Place with log cabins all different sizes. I will be cleaning those cabins.

I am starting to realize that God always provides for our needs. Wish me luck in my new Job.

Jr Camper of the week

Our camper of the week is a young lady named Caroline Major. She is the sweetest young lady. She loves to pretend she is camp Host and she learned all facets of being a camp host except bathroom duty. But she did comment that since her family has been camping here the bathrooms have never been so clean. She is the most polite, friendly, intelligent and prettiest young lady with braces I have ever met. With exception of my 2 wonderful grand-daughter Carlee and Ashley. Caroline and her family have been so good to us. They invited us to eat the best steaks I have ever eaten in my life. Took me with them to the Play Mill to see Oklahoma. They took us for a boat ride and showed us the quake area where the cabins are under water. What fun that was. Caroline along with her brother Andy are two of the nice kids I have ever met, polite and well mannered. Something you don't see much in these days and times. Her parents have done a wonderful job raising their children. I hope they have much pride in how well behaved their children are. So Miss Caroline you are my choice for the camp of the week. You have given the camp host much joy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Golden Eagle at Lonesomehurst

This morning while we were out cleaning our campers in #17 told us there was and eagle up in the tree there. So we ran and got our cameras and took lots of pictures. This is the reason we wanted to come west to enjoy the un-spoiled natural beauty that can only be found in places like Montana and Alaska. We are finding Montana has as much natural wilderness as Alaska has. My bucket list dreams are coming true as I get to see such things as this young golden eagle.

Wild West Rodeo

The wild West Rodeo is a fun thing to see while here in West Yellowstone. It is family oriented they let the kids get in on the action. They have an event that the kids and chase a couple of calves and grab a ribbon. All the kids get a prize and the winner gets a bigger one. The had everything from Bull riding, cow roping, barrel racing and bronco riding. It was a fun night and for us a free one as a cowboy who was staying in our campground gave us the tickets. Thank you Austin!

Mountainman Settlement

Once a year the mountain Men for the west meet in West Yellowstone and they show how people lived in the west in the 1800's and they sell their wares. Some make musical instruments like flutes. Some make deerskin clothes like the Indians wore and some make jewelry, purse and other stuff out of skins and bear teeth and other animal parts. It was something nice to see while here in Montana.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Workamper's Pot Luck

Since we have been here in West Yellowstone we have met so many workampers I thought it would be a good idea to have a little get-together. So I emailed everyone and we had a wonderful time. The food was great and there was lots of it. The people were awesome. It was so nice to meet such great people from all over working here in one place. There was Jon & Kathleen, JT & Donna, Don & Betty, Paul & Joan, Laverne & Jim, Bud & Nancy, Jerry & Grace, Vicki, Paul & Lupe ourselves Leigh & Lee. We would have gotten more time with each other had not the mosquitoes been so bad. After the wind died down the Mosquitoes were un-bearable so everyone left at once. But for the time we did have it was really great. I would not mind us doing this again but at a place where there are not so many mosquitoes. Good times on the road with lots of new friends.