Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well, we have 6 days to our cruise. Poor Leigh is very sick from that flu that is going around and I feel a sore throat coming on but hopefully we will both be in good health the day after Thanksgiving. We both have to work Thanksgiving Day so we are going with one of the waitresses to the Golden Corral after work.

I got to go to a luncheon of the Red Hat Society and met some real nice ladies. Donna the Realtor who rented us our home took me. Hopefully i will meet more people as we settle here. I have met some nice folks in church and in the neighborhood. And of course where we work.

I got all my Christmas decorating done. I usually do that the day after Thanksgiving so I decided to do it early because we won't be home then. I don't have much since we were living in RV, and I gave most of my Christmas stuff away but it is a enough to make it look nice.

So just counting down to cruise. Not much news to tell.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The shed from Hell!

Well, we have been really busy since I last visited my blog. Leigh built a shed from a kit. $300.00 for the shed and $100 for the floor. Four days of hard labor and we finally got it together. We have a garage but we had so much stuff in that RV there was hardly room for it so we got this shed.

But after all we went through to get it up. I think we should have just kept the darn garage stuffed. Well, anyhow, $400 and 4 days labor this shed is up. The fun we had putting it up and still staying married is priceless.

The yard work is coming along also. We planted more flower bulbs today and the tree landscaper came today. We paid $120.00 to get the front trees trimmed and he is coming tomorrow to do the back ones. God only knows how much that will be. Between the trees and the lawn fertilizer we are spending a lot more money then we intended on a rented house. Our greatest fear is we spend all this money grooming the place and they will sell the house out from under us and we will be out all this money. I am just putting it all in God's hands that won't happen.

Now for some exciting news. We are going on a cruise. I figured if we are blowing our savings we might as well blow it on something fun. I wanted to go in February for my birthday but it cost so much more then. By going now we get a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas for $525.00 for the both of us and we will have to pay some extras so it will probably end up being around $700.00.

After that we are tightening out belts and I may get a job so we can try to put some money back into our savings because this move to Florida has really done a number on the savings and it is really low after this trip. But a cruise was on my bucket list so we are going. I am not getting any younger and neither is Leigh. Well, that is about all that is happening here. Hopefully I will have some great pictures of our cruise to post next time. Just wanted you all to know we are alive and well in Florida.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bike ride to New Smyrna Beach!

The weather was really nice today. Not to hot and not to cold so we decided a bike ride on the Harley was the thing to do. So first we rode up to Orange City to see my friends Joan and Paul AKA Buffalo man and Gal. Paul was home but Joan was out doing the garage sales and flea markets. So we had a nice visit with him and caught up with how their, Montana trip went.

Then we went to New Smyrna Beach because I wanted to see what it was like. It was nice and they let people drive on the beach and it has a few cute shops. We ate in a pub on the beach called the Breakers. The food was not that great there, but it was fun seeing a new place. It was just a nice fun day out. I am still in love with Flagler Beach of all the places I have seen so far.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Nice visit

Today was a fun day. Nancy and Jerry are workampers we met in Arizona where we worked in Florence. While we moved here and settled in Flagler they came to Ormond Beach to workamp.
I never would have guessed I would ever meet up with them again since we gave up our RV. Just goes to show what a small world this is.

So we spent the day at the farmer's market, doing the thrift shops, a book store, garage saling , lunching at Finn's and finally just relaxing and talking on the deck here at the house. It was a fun day and I hope while they are in the area to spend some more fun time with them, maybe exploring Florida.