Monday, June 6, 2016

Having a pet the responsibilities!

A few years back when we lived in Cape Vincent we took in this beautiful kitty cat that was in really bad shape. she was abandoned and lived in this barn in a seasonal park behind our house. When we took her she was beat up by some ferno cat and she was starving her stomach was sunk in.

We really did not want another animal the dog we had for years had died and we were enjoying the freedom of not owning a pet. But I looked at this cat and could not leave her to the elements of winter in the Cape as we were leaving for winter in Flagler Beach.

But I have to tell you owning a pet is very costly.  We have had some very high vet bills that we owe Care Credit over $2000.00 for the care of this cat.  Her most recent problem was an attach by a very big tom cat that really did a number on her.  She insist to be an outdoor cat I guess because that is what she has always been. So now I am paying the price for her freedom. I am considering taking away that freedom. Not sure how that is going to work because she is one persistent cat to have what she wants. We will have to see who's will is strongest.

I am just saying if you are considering a pet know you are taking on a major responsibility. For us we think she is worth it all. Well sometimes I think not. But she gives so much love and entertainment.
But when we travel we have to take her with us. If going to visit our children we can't stay with them unless one of us stay with the cat.  Being a pet owner is like having a child to take care of for the rest of that pet's life. So think long and hard. All comments welcome.