Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walk up the Mountain

Yesterday I took a long walk up the mountain. We are up about 6000 feet and up the mountain adds a few hundred feet. I have noticed that in these high elevations my breathing is more labored as I exercise. But I keep going and after awhile it levels out. It's just that hike up to the top that near kills me. LOL

I like to go up there because of the beautiful views. The wild flowers and the rocks I am collecting for Kyle. In fact, the whole time I was up there my thoughts were on my grandchildren. thoughts of when we lived in the 1000 Islands and i use to take my grandchildren on hikes out back. We explored caves used by the underground railroad. We saw deer, fox and other wildlife and we picked wildflowers. That is why I think this walk brought back all those memories. I have had many experiences and joys in my life but I think the best memories for me is the time I have spent with my grandchildren. They keep me young at heart and they just love grandma with all her faults. I don't think there is anything better than having loving grandchildren, and I truly treasure mine. I know they are all growing up fast and soon they won't have time to hang-out with grandma but we have made all these beautiful memories that I will have to think on.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lonesomehurst Campers of the Week

Our Campers with week are the Robson Family reunion. The patriarch is Cecil E. Robson from Billing, MT. The family has had 3 family reunions here at Lonesomehurst followed by a golf Tournament in Billing. The families came from as far east as Frenchville, Maine to as far west as San Francisco, California with Mountain Home, Illinos and Las Vegas ,Nevada. They gathers here at Lonesomehurst for a fun week of camping, boating, going into Yellowstone National Park, and just enjoying the whole family being together. They even put up a wonderful Tee Pee I believe to celebrated their Indian heritage. They were a fun group and we enjoyed having them at Lonesomehurst. The family members are as follows:

Cecil E. Robson-Billings, Mt
Don D. Robson-Las Vegas, NV
Leslie D. Downning
Dennis Downning- Billings-MT
Cheryl E. Robson
Kurt A. Kuhlman- Billings, MT
Phil Levesque
Judy Levesque- Frenchville, ME
Chuck Robson
Kay Robson
Kara Robson
Cheyanne Iverson
Shyanne Perry- Billings, MT
Nick D. Colbrese
Darci Colbrese
Gage Colbrese
Morgan Colbrese-Laurel, MT
Shawn P. Levesque
Sarah A. Robson-Mountain Home, IL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Hunter is home from the hospital and doing great. Congratulations Greg and Heather we are happy your baby boy is home and doing well.

Train ride in Nevada City

After leaving Virginia City we moved on to Nevada City and the train ride. How do you like my helmet hair. I wish they would make a helmet that did not mash your hair down. But who cares we were having a good time. The train ride was short and in my opinion not worth the money but we had a good time anyways and truly enjoyed the day. The Bike ride was great and we stopped at the candy shop and got more sweets, our lunch that day was ice cream and candy. So joy, yes I think I am truly in my second childhood and loving it.

Bike ride to Virginia & Neveda City

Yesterday was the last of our days off this week and we had a very bad day, the day before. So we really needed to get away. Nothing in the world is better for a bad day than a nice scenic bike ride in Montana. Our first stop was Virginia City. There we hit the homemade Ice cream place for some yummie ice cream. That made me feel so much better. You just can't beat comfort food.
Then we went up to see boot hill and the view up there. What a neat place. Although I'm glad we were not living in 1864 when the Montana virgilantes hung the bad guys and they even hung the sheirff. I bet you really had to watch your step in these days.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Views from the Contour Road to Rumbha Ridge

This is just a few pictures of the scenery we saw riding 4 wheelers up the contour road to Rumbha Ridge the dead end of the road. It was just so wonderful to be riding in the wilderness up this Mountain. I know God is the greatest artist of them all that he created such beautiful scenery for us to enjoy.

Campers of the Week

We have to families this week we are making campers of the week. The first family is the martin's from Arizonia. They come camping here every year and have been doing it for years. They are Darrell, Kathy, Lea Martin and Kelly Black and Jayden Morgan. They just enjoyed their time here sitting around the campfireboating and going into the park. The were just a wonderful family and i fell in love with their dog Ginger.
The second family were the Horak's from Billings Montana. They camp here often and these people know how to camp. They bring 4 wheelers a boat and lots of good food to eat. They were just the nicest folks. They took Leigh and I out for a 4 wheeler ride up the Contour road to the top of Rumbha Ridge(spelling might be wrong). I will post some of the views from up there next.
We have found the most friendly people camping here at Lonesomehurst. They invite you to go out on their boats and 4 wheelers and sit around their camp fires and eat with them. They give you gifts. We have gotten such things as homemade jelly, maple syrup and the Horak's bought us this great huckleberry syrup and a bear photo frame as they knew our love of bears. We shared our pictures from our home in Pennsylvania with them. I don't think when we move on to our next job in Arizona we will finds such great people as we have met here at Lonesomehurst Campground.

Leigh Fly Fishing

Here Leigh is out on his new toy finally using his $80.00 fly fishing rod. He didn't catch anything but he had a great day on the lake. He says any day fishing is much better than working. LOL
Since the water has warmed the fishing is not as good, but people are still catching fish. Leigh better get busy as we have a pot luck planned here for all the workampers and I said we were doing the fish and sloppy Joes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bear at Lonesomehurst

Monday Night we got a visit from the bear that was up at Cherry Creek. So I went around warning the campers and Leigh got his camera and went to take pictures. The Barrett's were running towards the bear and he went up the hill on the side of the road and Leigh followed him straight up the mountain and got as close as he could. Meanwhile I am trying to find Leigh and he is gone for an hour. I have people with 4 wheelers looking for him as I am worried. Finally he came home. He decided to come back down the road as he is in shorts and pull on shoes. It takes longer to come down the contour road as it winds around the mountain. In the meantime the bear comes back into the campground and swims across the lake to the other side and has not been seen since. Leigh is loaded with bug bites for his fool hearted trip up the mountain chasing a bear.

Brand New Page

There is a brand new member of our family. Hunter Edward Page. He only weight 4 pounds and 10 ounces. He is still in the hospital until he gains a few pounds and start eating better. We are all happy to welcome him into the family. He and his mother are doing fine and we are proud grandparents again. Congratulations to Greg & Heather for their brand new baby boy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Campers of the Week

This is our family of the week at Lonesomehurst Campground. They are from Bozeman Montana and they camp here often. They are Dan Smith guitar player, Susan Waldron, Annabelle Winking, John Major, Mark Major, Caroline Major, Dawn Major and Andy Major.
They are a fun loving family that embodies all of what Montana families are all about. They are warm, friendly, talented, fun loving with the warmest personalities I have ever seen.
They invited us to their campfire to hear Dan Smith, He was awesome. He can play almost any kind of music but he has written many folk songs about Mountain Men, Montana, Family and good wholesome of people of our past. He believes in preserving the environment and he was just a delight to listen to. He has an DVD and CD that he and his band has made. His band is Stone Poetry. It was great to hear him play. Maybe next time Leigh will join him with his guitar.
Anyhow this family gave us 2 days of the best times we have had here and we want to thank them and honor them as our family of the week.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cherry Creek Adventure

Today was a great adventure as we went to Cherry Creek to do our weekly chore. First as we were going down the road towards the campground we saw a buck with big horns and then when we were done with our chore there and was about to leave Leigh got the thrill of his life a brown bear in the wild. even though he has played with tons of wild black bear in our yard in Pennsylvania he has always want to see a grizzly or brown bear in the wild. we did she a grizzly in Yellowstone National Park it was not the same as seeing one up close and personal in the wild.
And Leigh did make sure he got up close and personal as he photographed the bear.
I also got pictures of the wild lupine and a red wild flower I don't know the name of. Maybe my friend Bonnie will email me and let me know what it is when she reads the blog.
We are finding Montana a wild and wonderful state where the last wilderness is. Just like Alaska but this is in the lower 48. Alaska also has lupines growing along the roads and lots of wild flowers on the tundra and an abundance of wildlife. We are finding Montana has as much wild life as Alaska just no polar bears. I love the scenery the mountains, the clean air, and all the wildlife and wild flowers. I'm so glad God has granted us this time to see and explore all we can while Leigh and my health is good.