Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures from our 3 day stay in Keys!

Hemingway House key West Florida

We had a 3 day trip to the Keys and while there we went to the Hemingway House. Where the author Ernest Heminway lived during his most productive years.

The house is very nice, the grounds are beautiful and the stories the guide told was wonderful.

One story was about one of his wives Pauline. She is the only one who lived in the house. How she took down the ceiling fans and replace with these fancy chandlers. Since there was no air conditioning it made the house extremely hot in the summer months as Key West is the southern most part of the United States. The temps then are in the 100's.

Another story about Pauline was she went out shopping and spent about 40,000 to decorate the house with and Hemingway was so upset he threw a penny at her and said, "here why don't you just take my last red cent." So she took it and put it in cement at the foot of his studio.

After that Hemingway's favorite bar was being torn down and he told the owner of the bar since i have pissed away so much money here here I want one the the urinals. So it took it home and put in the garden. Pauline was so upset she spent a ton of money on the water bowl for the cats to drink out of. She put it behind the urinal. The cats drink out of the flowing water that comes out of the bowl into the urinal but won't drink out of the urinal. They must know where it came from.

They told how the old and and the sea was written after his long time friend from Cuba.  He finally moved out of the house and left it for Pauline and moved to Cuba with his friend. He had many girlfriends after that.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunrises on our walks

Since returning from my trip to my sister's wedding. Leigh and I have started an exercise routine and diet.
We have some health issues and hopefully we will stick to this routine this time and meet our
weight goals.
But look at the beautiful sunrises we see each morning. Life is good.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Geneva on the Lake

These are just a few pictures of the views i saw as I walked around Geneva on the Lake. Most are on the wonderful walking trail. I loved walking on this trail. Except for sharing my time and watching my sister get married this was the best part of my time there.