Friday, July 22, 2016

Cloud Watching

Did you ever take a ride in your car and watch the clouds or sit on the beach watching the different shapes and say there is a dog or there is a dragon or a snake or whatever?

Well my husband and I do that all the time. I guess it is the child in us but we don't just see clouds we see animals or other good stuff.

We went camping this week so we spend some time on beach watching clouds and sunrises.

So when you see clouds do you see animals or people or ships or something besides a cloud formations?

So my friends enjoy life use you imagination and see what's in the clouds.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Making the best of life on a budget

                                 Making the best of life on a budget.

As you know from following me on Facebook or on my blog here . We have had a string of big expenses since buying this house. We had to give up our plans to go north and visit our children and we have just sat at home doing nothing. 

We have this RV we are paying for we can't sell because we owe more and the bluebook value of it. So it has just been sitting here. Well I have found a way to start using it and getting out.

A couple days a month we have started to go to Florida State Parks to camp for 2 days a month.  If you are a Florida resident and a senior you can camp for half price. Which is $14 a night plus tax. comes to $37 for 2 nights. Just think that is not a lot of money to pay for a mini vacation.


This was at Gamble Rogers State Park. They have sites on Ocean side and River side .
We camped on River side. It is new and has spacious site really clean bathrooms and each site has fire ring, a grill, picnic table, and a clothes line for your wet towel and clothes.

This month we are going back there and then after that we will try other parks. Also we have a senior pass for National Forest service campground and we will try those also. 

I am 70 and my husband is 75. These are suppose to be our golden years yet all we were oing was sitting in house watching TV. So for all of you people so broke and on fix income this is one small thing you can do to get out.   If you don't have a RV or camper take a day trip somewhere. Pack a picnic so it is not expensive. Remember we don't have many days left so let us not spend them sitting in front of a TV.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Having a pet the responsibilities!

A few years back when we lived in Cape Vincent we took in this beautiful kitty cat that was in really bad shape. she was abandoned and lived in this barn in a seasonal park behind our house. When we took her she was beat up by some ferno cat and she was starving her stomach was sunk in.

We really did not want another animal the dog we had for years had died and we were enjoying the freedom of not owning a pet. But I looked at this cat and could not leave her to the elements of winter in the Cape as we were leaving for winter in Flagler Beach.

But I have to tell you owning a pet is very costly.  We have had some very high vet bills that we owe Care Credit over $2000.00 for the care of this cat.  Her most recent problem was an attach by a very big tom cat that really did a number on her.  She insist to be an outdoor cat I guess because that is what she has always been. So now I am paying the price for her freedom. I am considering taking away that freedom. Not sure how that is going to work because she is one persistent cat to have what she wants. We will have to see who's will is strongest.

I am just saying if you are considering a pet know you are taking on a major responsibility. For us we think she is worth it all. Well sometimes I think not. But she gives so much love and entertainment.
But when we travel we have to take her with us. If going to visit our children we can't stay with them unless one of us stay with the cat.  Being a pet owner is like having a child to take care of for the rest of that pet's life. So think long and hard. All comments welcome.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Losing Friends

This week we lost a dear friend. He was someone who has always been there for us. I just can't believe he is gone. It is so hard to find good friends, true friends and I have been blessed with a few really great fiends. This man was one of the best. he will be so missed.

But he is not the only one. We have a friend we met through traveling and working as a Workamper. A workamper is someone who works for free or just for a site and stipend while you are traveling and we have made some great friends along the way. Well one couple we met in Montana who lives in Florida has told us because of failing health he has to stop workamping because his doctor doesn't want him driving such long distances anymore.  I think there is more to the story because he was all packed and ready to leave for Montana and now he is not going.
He just would not do that when he made commitments in Montana. So I think another friend may be leaving us soon. Not for sure just a gut feeling for what he told us. 

We also have another friend who Leigh went to high school with and he is starting to have serious problems. So many friends so little time left.

Why is it when you get to a certain age you start losing your friends. It is so scary. My grandmother use to say she was the only one left all her family and friends have gone before her. I am so scared to lose all my friends and beloved family members of my childhood. I am scared because I am now the matriarch of my family the oldest member. And my husband the patriarch of his family everyone we grew up with and had for friends for years are leaving us. Where did all that time go? We feel in our minds so young yet our bodies and minds are deteriorating and our friends are dropping like flies.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Young at Heart

How come my mind feels so young like I am still a teen.

But in reality I am a 70 years old lady losing my strength and full of aches and pains. I go to do stuff I have always done and either can't do it or I hurt if I do.

You know I think the you that you are never ages. Your mind or soul stays always young but growing in knowledge . Would it not be nice if our bodies could stay as young as our mind.

Now I think I understand when we die our soul returns to God and our body get buried or cremated.

I have been thinking a lot lately about death and how my mind just feels so young like that first picture of me. Well I guess I will just just keep on keeping on and enjoy my life as God meant me to one day at a time.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The bathroom Issue

OMG I can't believe all the talk about who can go in who's bathroom.  When I am out in public and I have to go to the bathroom. I head to the ladies room. But if said ladies room is busy and the men's room is empty I go there, because when I have to go I have to go. 

I don't care who goes in what bathroom as long they they keep the door closed and I don't have to see it. I am getting so sick of all this stuff. 

Like with the Rebel Flag. Thousands of soldiers died in war defending the rebel flag and there was tons of heroes who died so both sides. That flag is a part of history and should be allowed to fly. 

Just like religion whether you are a christian, a muslim, a hindu whatever you should be able to publicly pray or study your bible or koran this world is getting so bad. We should just love one another and not sweat the small stuff.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is suppose to make Mothers feel special. But I did not feel special on Mother's Day. It made me wonder, was I a terrible mom? What did I do wrong. Did I not give enough love? Did I treat my kids horrible? I got phone calls from my son and my one daughter. My other daughter responded to my post on FB where I wished my daughters and my mothers in heaven and my friends a Happy Mother's Day. Her response was" you too." Wow. I know I am feeling sorry for myself but I just thought the one day that is suppose to honor your mom would have been different.

My husband took me for a ride to the beach on his motorcycle and we had lunch and a drink on the roof of Finn's watching the ocean my favorite place. My daughter in law sent me a card and my best friend up North in Cape Vincent.

So am I wrong to want more.