Saturday, April 16, 2016

Buyer beware!

Buying this house in Florida has really opened our eyes. Even if you get a house inspection you can really get taken. Like with the septic. We had it inspected and guys says it is in great shape to only after 6 months to find out it was in really bad shape and not up to code. So hope you will be careful and really checkout the house you want to buy because it could have some problems you are not aware of.

Putting in new septic

Well the new septic is half way done. The new sandmound and sod should be in by end of next week. This has been a $10,000 dollar expense we were not prepared for.

Look what a little paint can do!

This is what house looks like now! Big improvement.

Our new house in Florida

This is what house looked like when we bought it. it had some problems also, Plumbing was all cracked and leaking under house. It needed water treatment system, and then 6 months after buying we found it need a new septic system. So above the price of house we have spent $10,000 for septic, $2000 for plumbing and $2500 for water treatment.