Monday, July 11, 2011

Digging of the Leatherback Sea Turtle Nest

Facts about Leatherback Sea Turtles. They are the largest of all living sea turtles and they are the only sea turtle that lacks a hard bony shell. The leatherbacks are an endangered species. To see one is a truly rare event.

This is a story of one little sea turtle and how he got to live. I was invited by a member of the Sea Turtle patrol here in Flagler Beach to witness the digging of a leatherback sea turtle nest.

I had no idea what digging of a sea turtle nest meant or why. So I went to see what it was all about. Well, 3 days ago this leatherback turtle nest hatched about 45 sea turtles. A leatherback sea turtle can lay  about 100 eggs.  After 3 days the turtle patrol dig the nest to see if there are more little turtles and eggs left in the nest.

So I watched with dozens of other folks including the family that had adopted this nest. Adopting means you pay money and you get to be the first persons to see the sea turtles emerge. no one was invited when they knew it was time for the first turtles to come out. The turtle patrol goes everyday up and down the beach and observes when a sea turtle lays it's eggs and they wait the 35 to 38 days observing daily how the nest is doing.  When it is time for the hatching I guess the adoptive people are notified and when the turtle patrol see signs the turtles are coming out. I think this is how it works but not totally sure on this part of it.

Well only certain certified people can dig a sea turtle nest. When this nest was dug they found several eggs and 3 dead sea turtles and our little hero the one living sea turtle.  He was rubbed to try to bring him to life as he would have died along with the others if he wasn't saved by this digging. He started to stir and was put in a sandy box until the digging was finished.

The watchers were told to form 2 long lines to watch out baby turtle make his way to the ocean. We could not get close and he made his progress so I took the best pictures i could as he headed for the ocean. The emotions and excited as he headed for the water was extremely high. watching as each wave pushed him back and he had to struggle again forward to the time he was able to catch a wave to take him.

This was the most exciting thing I have ever seen watching this little guy start his new life. I send prayers up to God that this small little creatures gets to grow-up and become a big leatherback sea turtle and survives all the dangers that lie ahead for him.  God gives us so many wonders in this world and I thank him I got to observe this one.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New House

After much stress we are finally in our new home. It is a wonderful house and I think we will be happy in it.

It is so much fun decorating a new house. Where to hang what pictures and what goes here or there. I love doing that part just not the moving and packing and unpacking part.

We took our first swim in the pool, and we have our morning coffee in the Florida room off the pool.
Leigh has his music room, and actually a whole half of the nice big car garage, He is so happy with that. I have 2 walk-in closet, and I love it.

I can't wait for the spring to start fixing up the yard. Life is good.