Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday's Hangout

Finn's Beach side Pub in Flagler Beach is our Saturday evening place. After Leigh gets out of work we head for Finn's. It is on the roof where you can seat out and watch the ocean and all the hot cars and bikes going by.
So while Paulie and Kathleen was here we invited them up there to enjoy the atmosphere and the good food and drink. So we had a fun time then headed over to the Destination Daytona Harley dealership to check out the bikes and Harley gear. We had a great evening visiting.

Visit from friends

Yesterday we had a visit from Chuck and Barb Tennant they are life long friends of Leigh and his sister Carol. It was so wonderful seeing them. We took them over to Palm Coast where Paulie, Carol's son has rented a condo and that is where Carol is staying.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by Kathleen ,Paulie's girlfriend. We visited for most of the afternoon . Then they had to return to Webster , where they are staying for the summer. We will visit them soon and I will bring my camera there. As I forgot it again. I must be getting senile. But it is so nice to see old friends from Vestal New York.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guess who sang at the nursing Home?

Our favorite entertainer local Bobby Meeks from here in Florida was the entertainer and he got Leigh up to sing Abilene. So Mr Page got up in front of his family and the whole nursing home and sang. He did well. It was a nice day for the Page family and Grandma really enjoyed his day.
Today was truly a day to be Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.

Thanksgiving day at the nursing home

Well, we had a great time at the nursing home with grandpa Page. The food was good and it was nice to have the Page family there. Leigh, his sister Carol, Paulie Carol's son and all of us spouses and grandpa wife were there to share Thanksgiving with him. You can see by the pictures he was really enjoying his day. And guess who the entertainment was?

Theron Oliver Page's 93rd birthday!

Theron Oliver Page turned 93 today. For him it was just another day in the nursing home with the routine that goes on in the home daily.

I showed up late to feed his as the meals got there early. I was late because traffic was so bad and I got behind. I shopped at Wendy's for my daily crispy chicken sandwich and senior coke. There were very busy because of all the shoppers.

No one was there for him yet so his day didn't start out to well. Plus the meal he had was not something he really liked so he didn't eat much.

After that Leigh showed up from work and his wife Dot showed up with the cake and Paulie and his girl Kathleen showed but. But Carol his daughter would not make the party because they were held up in a snowstorm on the way down.

Things started to improve. He opened his presents and he got lots of shirts a sweater and a new watch has his old one wasn't working well. We past out cake to the whole nursing home they gave him balloons and sang Happy Birthday. All of which I got no pictures because in my rush to get to nursing home on time I forgot my camera. Paulie brought his but the batteries were dead.

Carol arrived at the nursing home around 5PM and he was so happy to see her. More presents for him and a nice visit. So all in all the day turned out well and we will all be together to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him. And I made sure I will take my camera this time.

So to Grandpa Page we all wish you a very Happy Birthday with much love.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

paulie's visit to see his grandfather!

Paulie and his girl Kathleen flew in from California because tomorrow grandpa Page turns 93. We had a nice visit, Carol , Paulie's mom will arrive sometime tomorrow and we will all celebrate grandpa birthday and share Thanksgiving together at the nursing home.

Things I am thankful for!

Today as we are sitting and waiting on Leigh's nephew to arrive for breakfast I am thinking of all the things I am thankful for. My family is the #1 thing I am thankful for. Leigh and I have been blessed with a wonderful family. I love my husband, children and grandchildren more than life itself. Leigh's family has been a blessing to me also. Granted not all of them some have been a curse but most have been a blessing and I am better person because of them.

God has been a blessing because he has taken care of me and carried me thorough some very rough times in my life. Things in my childhood, the 2 cancers I have been through, family disagreements.

I'm blessed because in spite of the cancer I am healthy. God has provide me the chance to live my dream to travel all over the United States. And in those travels I have met the most wonderful people, friends we will cherish for a lifetime. He has provide us with food to eat, a shelter over my head, and all the above mentioned things. What can be better than to have family, friends, health, food clothing, shelter and a adventure. Life is good and I am so thankful for all of it.

I hope all who read this blog, family, friends, and strangers have a Blessed Thanksgiving and you remember the things you are thankful for. God Bless!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip to Orange City

Yesterday after spending time with Leigh's dad we headed off to Orange City to visit Paul & Joan Holt. We met them in West Yellowstone. They may be better known to some as Buffalo Man and Buffalo Lady. What fun we had. We had a camp fire in their back yard with cocktails and some delicious snacks. Then inside their home we got to see just how talented the two of them are. The home has pictures they both painted all over the walls. Most pictures were of cowboys and Indians, and horses, but they had sea scape's and lighthouses also.
That is only the tip of the iceberg of their talents. They made signs out of bark. Joan makes little people out of gourdes and the most beautiful jewelry. Paul also makes walking sticks from a special wood called diamond willow branches from Alaska and a thing called the story knife an implement used by an Eskimo girl after entering womanhood to trace illustrations in the mud or snow to tell a story. The story knives blades were made from Alaskan wildlife bones ,antlers and ivory. Some of the wildlife are Moose, Caribou, Bear and Whale. Paul gave us one and we will treasure it. In fact we are going to have it put in a case like the one he has with the story with it.
Joan is a fantastic cook and she made spaghetti that was to die for. I ate the biggest plate you ever saw of her wonderful spaghetti and could have had more but I didn't want to make a pig out of myself.
We had warm and friendly conversation and got to know them and they us. What wonderful friends we had made by meeting them. They will be lifetime friends. The stories of their travels and the people they have met was fascinating.
That is one of the wonderful things about RVing we have met the most wonderful people in our travels. And just like Paul and Joan most will be great friendships for a lifetime.
Thank you guys for such a wonderful visit and we look forward to many more visits.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

update on Baby hunter

Here is the latest picture of baby Hunter. He was born July 13th and was in neonatal for a couple of weeks because he only weight 4lbs. Now look at the little porker. As you can see he is doing well. Both he and his big brother Greg jr are doing well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are we under a bad weather Cloud?

Here we are in Florida and they are having the coldest temperatures setting records for cold this time of year. Right now it is warmer in Montana than here in Florida.

Last year when we left Florida heading for Montana we had tons of rain & flooding in Arkansas and Branson Missouri where we stayed a month.

Leaving Missouri we were caught between tornado's all over the state. we had to stop because the winds were so high and a tornado went through Kansas City just before we went through.

When we got into South Dakota there was a snow blizzard in Rapid City and Rt 90 was shutdown and we had to spend a day in a rest area until the roads opened again.

Arriving in Montana we could not get to our campground for weeks because of the snow and snowdrifts. Once we got to our campground it even snowed June 11 our 25th anniversary.

When we were in Arizona the heat was above average around 110 degrees. and it was in the 90's
when we left.

Now here we are, we have gone full circle, and look at weather in Florida. So are we like the kid with the cloud over his head in Charlie Brown?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Reading a lot

Since arriving in Florida while Leigh has been working I have been reading like crazy. I have read seven books since arriving.

Sleeping Tiger by Rosamunde Pilcher. I was introduced to her by my friend Marolyn Sawyer. I met her when i had cancer in 2001. She had no ride to radiation treatment and lived in Cape Vincent so the radiation doctor asked if he scheduled her treatments same time as mine would we bring her in. So we said yes and over time we became the best of friends and we helped each other to get through the treatments. She died about a year after our treatments. I could not believe it because the doctors kept telling her she was cancer free but she just never felt right and was always tired. I was tired too so we did not think much about it then she was gone. She was my very best friend and confidant. She taught me so much. She was a retired teacher.

My second book was Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. I picked up that book at a RV park in Deming New Mexico. On our way back east we stopped to visit Sharon and Jim Robinson. Known to most workampers as Jungle Jim and Pnut. The story was a cute story about a NFL football player who was the cause of a lost his team to loose the super bowl.

Then I got into a series by Fern Michael's about a ban of vigilantes called the sisterhood. I think Nancy Mcneely gave me a couple of her books then I was hooked and am now try to hear all of them.

I also read Summer in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz a romance novel and a very interesting story.

And last but not lease Born to be wild by Catherine Coulter. A neat story about a soap star who was being stalked.

Today I am headed for the used book store to turn in my read books for some new ones. I hope to continue my Fern Micheal's ones about the sisterhood.

My grandmother Katherine use to read all the time. I guess I have a lot of her in me. I love the soaps General Hospital her favorite, and I love to read.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shuttle Launch

Tonight we witness history as the last night launch of the space shuttle took off. This is what we got on camera. It doesn't look like much but it was awesome for the eye to see. We were at Flagler Beach. All the beaches from Titusville where Cape Canaveral is all the way up the coast as far as North Carolina the beaches were full of people witnessing this moment in history. This is my 3rd shuttle launch I have seen but seeing it at night light up the sky is really something to see. Everyone was cheering as we watched it cross the southern sky heading north. I have loved the space program from the first step on the moon, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Six mile walk

Since we have been down here in Flagler Beach Leigh and I walk. We walk on his days off six miles. We start out with the marsh walk which is about 2 miles then we head for the beach and walk up the beach for 2 miles then over to our road and walk back to the RV, another 2 miles.
We are trying to stay in shape. it is allot easier to walk on the flat than it was in Montana up mountain with high elevations.
We see lots of neat stuff on our walk. A painted wall, a motel with scenes on it, the fishing pier and all the birds and wildlife on the marsh walk. We also walk last the cottage with the pirates and the shops.
We haven't been able to cut back on our food as there are to many good places to eat down here but hopefully the walking will help keep the weight off.
We are really growing to love the life here in Florida. So much to see and do. Life is a beach!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pirate's cottage

This is my favorite beach cottage. As we walk the beach there are many nice beach cottages but this one is our favorite. It has pirates all on the roof deck. It is really something neat to see. It has so much personality. Life is good on the beach.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My favorite Shop

This is my favorite shop in Flagler. See the pirate girl. They have lots of fun stuff. Next time i walk the beach I will post a cottage with lots of pirates hanging out on the roof.

My favorite things in Flagler

These are some of the views on the Marsh walk here in Flagler Beach. It has been my favorite place to walk since we first discovered it years ago when we came here to visit Leigh's dad in the good old days when he was healthy and happy.
It has squirrels, birds, raccoons, turtles and lots of critters. It's wonderful to take the 2 mile board walk through the Marsh. It also has a view of the inter coastal and lots of places to sit and enjoy what nature has to offer. We are growing to love Florida and will probably make it our home when we get tired of roaming the US.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surfers in Flagler Beach

Here in Flagler Beach today there is a surfer competition. There are surfer from all over Florida competing. You can see the beach erosion here allot more clearly but that is not stopping these young surfer duds from competing. Live is good in Flagler beach. it gets this old ladies heart pumping seeing all these young men.