Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turning a hobby into a business!

From the first time I put a camera in my hand I enjoyed clicking pictures. Every Christmas or birthday, every vacation there I was click, click, clicking away. Well now that I am older and retired. I have used the camera so much more.  When the bears came to our house in Pennsylvania to traveling in the RV, I always had a camera in hand.

Since moving to Flagler Beach and walking the beach and the marsh at sunrise. I have a whole new bunch of things to take pictures of. Beautiful sunrises always different. Birds in the marsh and sometimes rare sighting like the Roseate Spoonbills.

Well recently after getting compliments from everyone on Facebook about my daily uploads of pictures and friends who love my photos. I decided to make a small business of it.

First I went to Michael's and got matte note card stock and decorated them and made cute note cards. Then I sent away to Vista printing and did note cards and Postcards.

Well, Now I have Postcards and note cards in several local business and next I am going to do some matted prints.  I know I won't make much money at this but the pride of knowing someone likes my photos enough to buy them really will make me feel good.

So now I have joined the local  artist here in Flagler Beach and become part of this creative community,  to me this is such an honor.  Wish me luck in this new adventure.

Comments welcomed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy to be a Mom

There is nothing more important in the world than being a mom. It is a hard job and there is no rule book to tell you what is truly the right way to be a mom. You go through life and sometimes you made huge mistakes. I am here to tell you I have made huge mistakes in life as a mom. But I have learned one important lesson. The most important thing you can do for your child is love them.

I love my children more them life itself. And I know sometimes they don't realise it. I have made hard choices in my life and I did what I thought was best for my children.  Some may not agree with me about my choices but all my choices were made out of love.

So Mom's out there this very in perfect mom's advice Just love your children and make your own choices that you feel are best for them. I am so lucky with all my bad choices my children all of them have turned out well.

So to all the mom's in my life and all the children in my life I love you!  Happy Mother's day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dolphin Adventure!

Well, it is the last day of my daughter's vacation and we are going to Marineland.  Theresa my daughter waited all week to go and swim with the dolphins. Well, the swimming part did not happen because I was told to book Dolphin Discovery. So I booked it. well, that program turned out to be 30 minutes of learning about the dolphins and 20 minutes interaction, but not swimming.

I found out later the swimming was $200.00 and this one was $160.00. We were alittle upset that it wasn't what we thought because we waited all week for this, but putting that aside Theresa really enjoyed herself playing with the dolphins and I had an interpreter there so she understood all she needed to know.

But she feed the dolphins, rubbed and petted them, gave them commands and they had fun splashiing her. All and all it was a fun day.

Now she is back home in Bangor Maine, and I am going back to my routine of old folks doing their thing.  I will always remember this visit. When she was a child we were never close because she was always away in deaf school and she never felt comfortable around hearing people even her family. But now after all these years we are growing closer and  am so grateful for this.