Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday Sunrise in Flagler Beach

What a wonderful Day Easter Sunday is. I was able to rise early and go to the beach. Following the sound of a loud band playing music at sunrise. As we follow the sound we find tons of people in the Square on the Beach at Flagler singing and having the best sunrise service I've ever been to. I was able to enjoy tis moment with my husband who never goes to church.

We listens to Jesus last moments in the garden and the preacher tells how jesus must have been feeling at that moment knowing what was to happen next. He seat the scene for how Jesus loved us and his father so much that he would do this for us. After hearing this sermon we walked across the street to the beach and saw dolphins and pelicans fishing and a beautiful sunrise.

I am so thankful God is giving leigh and I this time in our life to have this wonderful adventure in our life, and for having my family that I love so very much. God is good!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Florida Experience

We arrived in Florida in October 2007. That was our first trip with our new home the 2006 Windsport Class A RV.

While in Florida we went to the Avante Nursing home daily to visit Grandpa Page, (Leigh's father). He is 92 years old and needs nursing care. We found him quite depressed when we first arrived but after being there for 6 months he is happy laughing and joking. He has improved his mobility since our arrival due mostly to his sons efforts. He loves the nurses there and flirts with them all, even in front of his wife Dot. She takes it all in stride because she knows if you can't look you must be dead. LOL

We have been staying at Flagler Beach since all the workamping jobs we had hoped to get were taken before we got the RV.

I guess I should back track. You know how it is when your old, can't remember S---. We decided before we bought the RV we would be workampers. There is a site online called People who are called fulltimers, (people who live in their RV full time work in camp grounds all over US and Canada. They do things like reservation, gift shop. restroom cleaning, picking up the garbage, landscaping, cleaning the pool and security. If you work 20 to 25 hours a week you are provided with your campsite, electric, WIFI, and cable TV in most spots in exchange for the hours you've worked. If you choose to work more than the required time you get an hourly wage. By doing this you can travel and stay in a spot from 3 to 6 months and see wonderful places. It's a very economical way to travel and see the wonders of our beautiful America and Canada.

So now back to Florida; since staying here at Flagler Beach we have seen St Augustine , a beautiful old city with great art & museums, shops, food and old architecture in the Spanish style.

We went to Daytona and experienced Biker Week where thousands of bikers come to party and ride their bikes all over. I learned that bikers are very friendly and helpful, and they are not as bad as the world sees them; but they really do like to party. We felt like a kids again.

We went to the middle of the State and saw the Ocala National Forest and visited friends in the Oasis Campground who were all from New York State. We enjoyed being around old friends in Florida.

We went to Super Soap weekend at Disney and also did the Epcot Theme Park. Where we toured the World and ate and drank in a German Pub. What delicious food,wine and beer not to mention the German entertainment.

So Florida has been fun this last 6 months even though I didn't get to see all I wanted because we stayed close to the nursing home. Our next time visit to Florida will be to see and do it all.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Almost Heaven With My Family In West Virginia

I just returned from a visit with my daughter and her family in West Virginia.  Here are some pictures from my visit.