Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preparing for another trip!

Well, I think we have survived one of the worst winters in Florida and to celebrate that we are preparing to go on our second cruise. This time with the Moose Lodge we are going on Carnival for 5 days and 4 nights. We will be bussed to Miami to board the Carnival Imagination. The first port of call will be key west Florida and on the Cozumel Mexico. This time we are going with a couple from New Milford Pennsylvania where we lived.
This time we knew certain things to do and not to do. So hopefully this will be less costly than last time. Well I have not updated you for awhile so i just wanted to touch base with you all.
Our winter here has been cold and we really have not done that much. Just work mostly. So this will be fun.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Florida's Cold Snap

Remember those beautiful plants I bought for the yard this is what they look like now. How sad.
That is what the extended cold snap did to my yard. Which was nothing compared to what it did to the fruit farmers ,the manatees, and wild birds and the fish. There were 1000's of fish floating in the canals dead and the smell was awful.. Over 100 manatees died and we don't know how many of their babies died and the exotic birds . Every one's plants look like this. Hope things get better, this has been a bad winter for Florida as I guess for the whole country.

Other than that so far this winter has flew by. I am working at friends cafe 2 days a week. leigh 4 days. We have a cruise with some friends coming up in March and a wedding to go to. My grandaughter is coming in june and my daughter in July. We are quite busy and the time it is a flying.