Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life in Flagler Beach!

Well, we are getting the house in order and are really enjoying Flagler Beach! This morning we walk the 3 blocks to the beach to watch the sunrise. Life is good! Thank you Lord for what you have given us.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inside our new home

These are pictures of our new house decorated by fabulous finds. I can't show the wonderful full back deck yet because Leigh is power washing it down and painting the deck furniture that was left behind. That picture will follow. All the furniture is used except bed and TV. Living room and table in kitchenette was bought from previous renters rest was garage sales. Am I good or am I good.

We are now Floridians!

Well, things have really changed in our lives. We are no longer the Traveling Pages but now we are the Floridian Pages.

We packed up the RV and it took 15 big cartons and tons of stuff in the basement of the RV to unload. We have filled a 2 bedroom 2 bath house and garage and still we have to get rid of stuff. There is a picture of RV with the packed carton you could not even move in it.

We looked at several places here in Florida. A beautiful home on the inter- coastal that was way more then we could afford. A beautiful Condo in Palm Coast on the inter coastal we were going to take but we would have had to move in for 3 months. Move out for 4 months then we could move back in permanent but we thought was too much. So we looked at un-furnished houses and this house we got was just what the doctor ordered.

It's a nice little cottage that sits on the marsh in Flagler Beach. It is 3 blocks from the beach. It has a nice shaded yard, a wrap around deck, a garage and 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. A nice kitchen area and living room with a slider that goes out on the deck.

The people who were here sold us a living room suit, a table, and a washer and lawn mover for $200.00. We bought a new bed frame and comfy mattress and box spring for $700.00 and a HD TV 32 inch from Walmart for $450.00.

We eat out on the deck because the landlord left a deck set half round bar type table with chairs and we had TV trays and eat in living room.

Today we are going garage sailing and i hope to get a dresser and two chairs or more to use with the little table we bought off the last tenants. To think when we sold the house we gave Leigh's son who bought it our whole house of furniture pictures and all the other stuff. On our way through to Florida his son's wife did give us back our bear pictures and cabin pictures to hang on our wall here and I bought a picture from a thrift store here. I will post pictures of the inside of the house after today.

Leigh is a happy camper fixing up his garage and spraying down the deck and working in the yard. The previous tenants weren't much on upkeep.

We have a rare bird who thinks he lives here. Does anymore know what kind he is? If so please comment. I will keep all updated on our life. I have to think of a new name for the blog so comments on that also.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wild Day!

Today was a busy day. We were cleaning the RV and our site, we got a call from Brian Leigh's daughter husband. It seems Amy his daughter has had a mini stroke and was taken to the hospital. They did a MRI and she did have a mini stroke. She is having speak problems. They sent her home and she has to go back for test tomorrow.

When we got the call we load Leigh's bike on the trailer and we sat and waited. But since they did not put her in the hospital we did not go. So now we wait to see if she will be OK.

It was a wild day. But hopefully all is well. So far now I am looking out my window at the full moon over Paul Bunyan Campground.

Our prayers are with Amy and her family. We sure hope all will be OK.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Decisions, decisions!

Well time is short and our traveling days are soon to be over. We have been spending days on the computer and talk to housing agents and people who have rental down in the Flagler area. So now we have narrowed it down to 2 places. One is a cottage that sits on the inter-coastal and one is this beautiful condo in this gated community that also sits on the inter-coastal.

The condo has 3 bedroom 2 bath very spacious great amenities and beautiful walking and riding trails. I feel in love with it and was ready to move right in. Only one problem there we would have to move out January through April then it would be ours on a yearly lease.

The cottage has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths also and a yard and a small deck right on the inter-coastal. plus a patio that looks out on the inter-coastal also. But this cottage is not as modern, but it has a very big garage and a nice yard and we would have more private space.

So we are going down end of Septemeber and check them out. Wish us luck. You can give us advice if you want to comment.