Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad day at Bedrock!

Well yesterday was a day from hell. At 7 something in the morning there was a loud pop and we lost several appliances. Our TV, microwave, DVD player, portable refrigerator. We had a power surge.

The day got even worse. We called the electric company and they said it wasn't their problem. They said it was the fault of the park we were in, faulty electric from their end. I talked to the park manager and he say " What can I say", we feel it is the electric companies problem you better call your insurance co. Called the insurance company and they said well you have a $500.00 deductible. You need to get estimates on the value of the appliances. Called several appliance places. They wanted to charge at least $75.00 just to look at the appliances. So I checked online and replacement is going to be around $600.00. So, I guess we have to bite the bullet and play out of our pocket, but on Social security that is going to be hard. Plus we need gas money to get to Maine where our next job is.

So I guess it is just another bad day in Bedrock.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leigh's last day of work! Hooray!

Today is Leigh's last day as a dishwaher at Friend's Cafe. So we are celebrating up at Finn's on the roof over looking the ocean. We are having what Leigh calls the Bud Shootout. Where we have a couple of drinks and eat the great food there. We enjoy the band that plays and the folks that hangout there. After that we plan on going to the karoke place so Leigh can practice singing in front of people so when we return he can get one of the many one man band jobs that are open on the beach! Life is good and we are enjoying it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sad news for Flagler Beach Pier!

This last hurricane season the Flagler pier lost several pylons that support the pier. But they left the pier open because it is used so much by fishermen and tourist. But we had high winds this last few weeks and more pylons were lost so Flagler was forced to shut the pier down.
This pier has been the landmark for Flagler for decades. They are saying they may not re-open it because of the cost. Flagler's budget will not withstand such an expense. I hope and pray get try for grants and funding to keep this landmark alive. Flagler would never be the same without the pier and they would lose lots of money from the fishermen and the tourist. people would go to another beach and Florida has many beaches. For us Flagler is our favorite. So we would be so sad.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Excellent day with great friends!

Today our friends Paul and Joan aka Buffaloman and gal came to Flagler to spend the day with us. Joan a jewelry maker, made me these special ear rings with bears. They are so awesome, and a black bear figurine. Then we went to the farmer's market, then a thrift store. When Leigh got home from work we headed to Finn's for a drink and snack, then onto Flagler Fish Company for the best mussells and seafood we have ever tasted. It was just a great day with great friends. Life is good!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A day at Cocoa Beach!

We had a day at Cocoa Beach. We had to go to Cocoa to get a wheel chuck for the tow dolly. We put the motorcycle on the dolly but we need something to secure the motorcycle better. So we picked that up then head to the beach. We did take our swim stuff so we just walked around. Had lunch on the pier and watched the action. The fun part was watching this pelican who was not afraid of people. He was a funny bird. LOL As nice as Cocoa Beach was I still prefer Flagler Beach.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Viewing the shuttle Launch from Flagler Beach!

What a glories site to watch the space shuttle glide across the sky. This is what it looked like from Flagler beach. From where the people are waiting at the bottom, as it approached, as it came closer and closer, the separation and the after burn. What an experience to stand on the beach and observe this. It's so sad the shuttle program is coming to an end. This has been my 4th launch I have seen 2 daytime and 2 night time. But this time I got the best pictures. Hope you enjoy. One of the benefits of being in Florida besides the great weather.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grandpa Page is Improving!

Well, it has been about 5 months since we arrived in Florida after we got a call that grandpa was failing and was on hospice care. Over the time we have watched him improve. He went from being despondent and not eating to being alert and now he is feeding himself. We are leaving in a few weeks and I hope he does not decline. it has been a joy spending time with him and seeing his improvement. So to all our family I wanted you see see his improvement.
In other news Leigh has given notice to quit his job early because a co-dishwasher/cook has been giving him a hard time and the boss won't do anything about it because Leigh is just a part-time worker and the dishwashers/cook is full time. The sad part is this cook is allowed to harasses the waitress and hold back cup or silver that need to be wrapped before the waitress can go home.
And do other things to other employees. But that is life in some business. Life is to short for Leigh to work in that kind of environment.
We are planning our trip north with stops in Virginia, Pennsylvania with a side trip for me to visit my daughter Joy and my sweet grand kids before we spent 6 months in Maine at Paul Bunyan Campground our workamper job, with the bonus of spending tome with my daughter Theresa and my grand-daughter Ashley who is graduating from High school this year. Boy I am getting old as these grandchildren are growing up so fast.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finn's our Saturday Spot!

Well after working all day we decided instead of driving to main street we would just walk up to our favorite spot Finn's Beachside Pub. We go there every Saturday and it seems the bikers love our favorite spot we we didn't have to go far to enjoy Bike week. Plus our favorite waitress are working there and the food is great!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bike Week Daytona

There is no way to describe bike week it really is something you need to be there for. it is quite the experience. After being sick for the first part of bike week we finally got out to participate.

And we had a wonderful time. We hope to get out after work for the next couple of days that are left. Riding the roads with 1000's of other bikers. seeing all the displays and great bikes. Hitting all the hot stops. There is just nothing like it if you are a biker.