Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Marriage!

Well, this was our first Valentine's Day in our home in Cape Vincent.  It was a special dinner and chick flicks for the night. We have been married for 29 years, a second marriage for both. But we have never been more in love. We complete each other's sentences and we know what each is thinking before we even speak a word. We are each other's best friend. 

Our marriage has been through lots of struggles.  But we managed to stay together and now we could not think of what life would be like without each other. It's so nice when God gives you a soul mate. Thank you God! And Happy valentine's Day to all our friends and family.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Blues

Well, here it is February and I have the winter blues. Not that the weather has been so cold but because it has been a mild winter and we have paid $2000 in heating cost so far this winter. We are hoping this last 150 gallons of fuel will take us into the spring.  The first tank lasted 3 months, but the second tank only lasted a month.  We did not have extreme temps. In fact, out temps stayed around 30 degrees. So we are trying to understand why the last tank only lasted a month. Out theory is our furnace had some kind of problem, or when we got the fuel maybe we didn't get out full 150 gallons as the driver did not give us a slip this time. Did he only give us 1/2 and keep the other half for himself?????  Whatever the reason w are going to make sure next year we make some changes.

Next year we are going to put plastic over our windows,  block off the bedrooms, best of all go to Florida in January for a month.  Starting with next week's pay check we are starting the vacation fund.

I have checked on motel rooms and we can stay for $1000. 00 for a month in January, but not February or March because of Daytona 500 and bike week.  I also have a friend who is a realtor so maybe she can get us a deal for a month.

So with the furnace not running in January that should save on the fuel. We don't want to move back to Florida because our spot here in the Cape is wonderful for spring and summer. Just not so much in winter.

So wish me luck with my new game plan.  Florida dreaming.