Monday, June 30, 2008

Birdie & Bonnie

This is Birdie and Bonnie, two teachers from San Fransico California. They were a pair we had so much fun with them at Lonesomehurst Campground. Bonnie caught herself a nice 18 inch rainbow trout while she was there and we have voted them our campers of the week. We will miss you guys.

Workampers New Friends

Since we have been in Yellowstone we have met so many workampers. These 2 couples with me are among them. The first couple is Paul and Joan, (Paul is Buffaloman on the workamper forums). The other couple is Don & Betty we really enjoyed meeting them. it's nice to put a face with a name if you have talked with them on the wk forum. And we have found it so nice to meet so many people who are out here living the full time RVers lifestyle. I am planning on having a pot luck for all the workampers we have met. Hopefully in August after we get through the busy July 4th weekend.

grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

We went to the discovery center to watch the bears, Today the bears was testing garage cans. They have the bears do different things to help show the tourist what can happen when you are camping or confronted with a bear. They sometimes put food in a tent and let the bears out and to show what they will do to a tent if food is in it. These bears were saved by the discovery center because they were nuisance bear. They also save a few wolfs also. The bears were fun to watch and the one with the yellow garbage can was never going to give up trying to get into that can.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip into Yellowstone National Park

We have made about 3 trips so far into the park but there is just so much to see. This time we were in search of geysers. So we went to some on the way to Old faithful and of course we had to stop and watch Old Faithful do her thing. It was a fun day all around and we still have so much exploring to do here. I know we will never see all there is to see in Yellowstone national Park. There is just so much there and i don't know if you could see it all in a year much less a few months. We hope to see as much of it as possible. I know God lives as we travel and see just some of God's wonders here in the West.

Trip to Mesa Falls Idaho

Yesterday after being sick for a week we took another road to Idaho to see this falls another workamper couple had told us about. It was well worth the trip. On the way to the falls we saw 1000s of wildflowers that bloom both in Idaho and Montana, we saw an osprey's nest and the falls was just awesome with a rainbow that made it all worthwhile. Leigh and I have traveled to many places even Alaska but the places and things we are seeing since being in the north west
is just beautiful magic.

Monday, June 23, 2008


These are just a few of the wildflowers you will find here in Montana. These were growing in our camp site until Leigh decided to mow them down. needless to say I was upset.
Life has been good here and our campground is finally getting busy like the others, Baker's Hole and Rainbow Point was getting busy before ours did but ours is finally getting busy. The people that come to ours are mostly locals and people from Idaho just across The border and Utah and people from Boseman and Billings Montana.
I have been sick for 3 days with my sinus infection. I went to doctor today to get antibiotics and medicine. Hope to be feeling better as soon as i get my medication.
The weather is still warm. The fish are still biting and life is good in Montana.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Road Trip

We took a little ride for our day off through 3 states at the continental divide, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. The scenery was beautiful. I took about 100 pictures. And on our ride we also rode through the earthquake area in Montana that happened in 1959. It made a lake they call quake lake and we saw the slide that happened and the destruction it caused. it was a very pleasant day off. It has finally started the summer season here in Montana.

New Visitors

Lonesomehurst Campground usually has visitors with their 4 legged friends being dogs but we were lucky enough to have traveling visitors with these beautiful horses. We enjoyed their one day stay both the owners and the horses were a welcome pleasure.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's day and it is a beautiful day here in Montana on Hebgen Lake. Leigh is enjoying fishing today and I hope my sons and son in law and Leigh's dad is enjoying a wonderful Father's Day. I know Leigh is. I am reflecting today on my father and grandfather and i hope they are looking down on me from heaven and they are happy.

West Yellowstone 100 Year Celebration

West Yellowstone is celebrating it's 100 Year anniversary this weekend. They are having lots of events to mark the anniversary. They have different local artist that have painted Bison and they will be auctioned off. free stagecoach rides through West Yellowstone. Bands and BBQ's and tons of other stuff. Any the weather is cooperating as it is in the 70's this weekend. Leigh and I had fun checking it all out. The painted Bison are awesome.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary

June 11, 2008
Today we celebrated 25 years of marriage. The day started our badly as we got 6 inches of snow and it was very cold. Now a good day in June, but we are in Montana and the weather changes from day to day. We made the best of the day as we were off. We went to breakfast at the Running Bear Cafe our favorite breakfast place. Then we just hung out at RV home while we watched the snow fall. Then in the evening we went to The BAR N Ranch where we had a great fine dining experince. Leigh had Steak and I had scollops. We enjoyed the atmospere and the food. Then we relaxed in their great room and came on home. We was a very nice evening.
I can't believe it has been 25 years. It seems like yesterday when I first went on that Blind date. The girls at IBM where I worked decided it was time I went out with someone besides my girls. I had been there for a year and never dated. I was me and my girls which I did not mind as i was very close with my girls. But my friends felt i needed alittle male companionship. So they fixed me up with 2 guys both cousins. We met at the Moose Lodge and I had the night of my life. Chuck and Leigh bided for my attentions, but Leigh won out because he was such a good dancer and he made me laugh so much. I realised that night I had never laughed much lately. So we fell madly in love immediately and within a few moths we married. He had 4 kids and I had 2 so we tried to blend our families into one big family and sometimes it blended and sometimes it did not. But we loved each other and we let the love get us through the good times and the bad. And here we are today more in love than ever before 25 years later. Hopefully god will give us another 25 years today.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Workampers Teamwork

We are all here at the Beaver creek Campground to help get the clean-up and wood cut so it can open up. There are workampers from 5 different campground to help in the work. Many hands make the work go fast.
We have done that for all of the campgrounds in the Hebgen Basin Campgrounds. The workampers at all five campgrounds all lend a helping hand so the campgrounds can be up and running. Our managers Todd and Vicki are right there with us getting the jobs gone. They are hard workers working 7 days a week between getting the work done and relieving campground host so they can have their days off.
Todd and Vicki are great to work for and we are enjoying our first workamper experience with the workampers we have met in all five campgrounds. Life is good here. My only complaint is while we were doing the work at beaver Creek it kept having snow flurries all during the day. They keep telling us last year at this time it was in the 90's. Well I don't know if it's the Page luck or what but it is almost the middle of June and it is cold, rainy and snowy ever since we have been here. We do love Montana but not this years weather so far.

View from Beaver Creek Campground