Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flagler Beach Errosion

This is Flagler Beach. Last winter when we were here there was double the beach. It has eroded a lot since last winter. Several hurricanes and tropical storms past through here and it made a big difference in what is left of the beach. When it is high tide the water is up to the walkway and sometimes over the steps. This picture was taken during low tide.
I guess they have no plans to bring in more sand or do something about the loss of so much beach.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Florida update

Today, Leigh got a job in a little cafe we ate breakfast in a lot last winter. He starts Monday.

We went to see Leigh's dad and he still doesn't know who he is. Leigh was wearing a Dale Jr shirt so his dad called him dale Jr. He really doesn't know who we are and it upsets him that he doesn't know. He really has declined since we were here last winter.

We are having rain and high winds today. While we were in Montana it snowed until June 11 and the sun came out and it never rained. Then in Arizona the temperatures were in the 100's and no rain so it really is funny seeing rain for it has been a long time.

We are settling in. Hopefully I will find work also. We have to get the money back in our savings and pay rent and utilities and save gas money for Maine. Wish us good luck.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have arrived in Flagler Beach

We have left our job in Arizona and come back to Florida. Leigh's dad is in nursing home here and his wife felt we really needed to come back. So we quit our job and traveled for 5 days and we have finally arrived.

We went immediately to the Nursing Home. Leigh's dad did not recognize us at all and all he wanted to do was sleep. His condition is fragile. Time will tell.

Well. we just wanted everyone to know we got here and we are safe. Now we have to start job hunting as we hit our saving up to get here and now we have to pay rent and utilities.
We went back to the place we were at last winter. It's the cheapest we could find.

I will post again with updates as they happen

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Hero Skip Page

This is Skip Page our oldest son. His son was worried about his health. He is a truck driver who was over weight and needed to do something. He promised his son he would lose weight and become healthier. His son who is athletic was going to run in the Steam Town Marathon in Scranton Pennsylvania. It was 14 months away. So Skip started to train so he could run with his son. He went from 253 pounds to 188 pounds. he trained daily for 14 months to build his endurance so he could run a 26.2 mile marathon. He had 3 goals. One was to become healthier. two was to finish the 26.2 mile race, and three was to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

He started the race and was doing great the first 13 miles of the race. He was only 4 minutes off from qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That was when his luck changed. A little girl ran in front of him. He could have just knocked her down and possible have hurt her or jump awkwardly sideways. Of course, he did the latter and hurt himself hearing a ripping sound in his calf and immediate pain he had torn a hamstring that had been injured earlier in his training and had not healed. He tried everything ,stretches, massaging but the pain just kept getting worse.
He knew at that moment his goal of the Boston Marathon was over. He had to slow down so he could at least finish the race. He was in unbelievable pain but he kept going.

At mile 24 he came across a young girl crying and barely running. In front of them was a 3/4 mile hill. She was going to quit and she was so upset because her father was waiting on the other side of that hill and he would be so disappointed in her. Skip told her they would do the hill together breath by breath. So they made it up the hill together and her father was waiting and called out her name. There was only 1/4 mile to go and after Skip saw she would continue and make it he took off to try to make the best time he could. He burst into a sprint and raced as hard as he could. People on the side lines were all cheering for him. He finished the race although he was in so much pain and at the end of his endurance.

He is our hero. His motivation, his drive and his determination was something remarkable. How many people 45 years old who never ran before in their lives could make the sacrifices he did to meet this goal. Skip Page you are our hero, and we are so very proud of you. You have always been a special person but this was extraordinary.

Cactus in the park

Adjusting to Arizona

Well, We have been here a month. We are adjusting to Arizona and our new job. Today I talked to the manager and she let us reduce our hours to 32 a week instead of 40 so hopefully I won't screw up my social security.

We have found a favorite restaurant. It's called the L& B Inn. They have a Sunday brunch that is out of this world. The best biscuits I ever ate and tons of stuff a lot of it Mexican because it is a Mexican restaurant. We have eaten in several so far. This one is the best.

We have gotten the park cleaned up good and our job is so much easier and another housekeeper arrived and will start working on Wednesday. There was a activity director that started today so they will have some events in the park. Also I started going to Bingo with a couple of the ladies in the park.

The temperatures have dropped and it is much more bearable than when we first arrived. We are starting to find our way around. And we have some plans for the next 2 weekends.
This weekend they are having a multi cultural celebration here in Florence and then the next weekend is a big to do in Tombstone Arizona.

So I think this time here will be fun after all. Life is good on the road!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hummingbirds at our feeder

Here in Arizona we have noticed they have tons of birds and allot of them are hummingbirds. We are allowed to put up a hummingbird feeder but not a bird feeder. We have about 4 hummingbirds hanging around. One bird has decided this is his personal feeder. He tries chasing all the other birds away. He is so funny to watch. He goes crazy chasing the others away. I guess it is sad I can just sit out on our deck and watch hummingbirds and be so entertained.
On the 15th the other workampers should be arriving and November we are suppose to start working 40 hour weeks. Not sure I will like that much. We really only wanted to work 20 to 30 hours but I guess I didn't make that clear so we will have to do it. But I will be very clear on our next job. This could cause me problems with my social security.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Canyon Lake Arizona

We were off today so we decided to go exploring close to where we are staying. So we took a drive to Canyon Lake. It is a very pretty area with winding roads leading up to the lake. We stopped in the picnic area and had a bite to eat then we went to the marina where we boarded the paddle boat the Dolly and took a 2 hour cruise. The narration was very informative.
All of Canyon Lake has some interesting things. It had some formations one looked like a mother holding a baby with her child looking on. One looked like the bust of Bach. There were Big Horn Sheep on the mountains. They had fossals of trees embedded in the mounyain. There were lots of boats and gorgeous scenery. So I guess Arizona does have some fun stuff besides the mighty Grand Canyon. We just have to get out and explore.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Arizona Sunset

I got to see one of the famous Arizona sunsets. This picture does not do it justice. hopefully we will get better pictures to post of them. This weekend we are going exploring. I know Arizona has got to have more than what is around Florence and we are going to find it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dealing with the temps

We are finding Arizona so hot when we are not working we are in the air conditioning or in the pool. In the evenings we have a cocktail hour to deal with how bored we are. The snow birds have not gotten here yet and there doesn't seem to be a lot to do. We enjoy swimming every evening and we go out to eat once a week, but there isn't any place we have found to go and see as of yet. The desert around here is not as scenic as I thought it might be. The park has nice plants and the game room, pool, hot tub are all great. But it doesn't have anything but sand, cactus with prickers that get in your shoes or on you. I have had I don't know how many cactus needles pulled out of my body parts since I have been here. I hope our six months go by fast and we find someplace to go to take away the boredom.