Friday, October 14, 2011

Ships Galore

This morning was a perfect example of why we moved back to Cape Vincent. It was a beautiful Indian Summer morning with a soft breeze blowing while we did our morning walk on the Tibbets Point Road to the Lighthouse and back. We saw many ships on the St. Lawrence River on this beautiful fall morning.

My husband picked night walkers up as we walked so he could fish for our supper tonight and if he is lucky we will have fresh fish for supper.

The beauty of this region has stuck in my heart no matter where we traveled. This small village captured my heart years ago and I love it today as much as ever. The people are the best. The view is spectacular.

I thank God for days like today and for giving me all he has given through-out the years. The travel, my friends and family and my health since the cancer. God had blessed me and I thank him daily.  God is good.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All settled in our new home in Cape Vincent!

Well after our snap decision to leave Florida and move back closer to family. We have settled into our new home in Cape Vincent. And it seems like we never left. I went to church Sunday, sang in the Choir, and joined the library joined our friends that have coffee in Aubrey's every morning.  We walk the Tibbetts Point Road like we use to and watch the ships coming up and down the River and we just feel we are home.  I miss my friends in Flagler Beach and the walks on the beach in the mornings but for some reason the Cape just feels like home.  So now we have to prepare ourselves for the coming winter.

I guess our landlord in Florida ended up doing us a favor.  I think God knows what is best for people and he makes it happen.  So wish us luck as we have gone full circle.