Friday, July 22, 2016

Cloud Watching

Did you ever take a ride in your car and watch the clouds or sit on the beach watching the different shapes and say there is a dog or there is a dragon or a snake or whatever?

Well my husband and I do that all the time. I guess it is the child in us but we don't just see clouds we see animals or other good stuff.

We went camping this week so we spend some time on beach watching clouds and sunrises.

So when you see clouds do you see animals or people or ships or something besides a cloud formations?

So my friends enjoy life use you imagination and see what's in the clouds.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Making the best of life on a budget

                                 Making the best of life on a budget.

As you know from following me on Facebook or on my blog here . We have had a string of big expenses since buying this house. We had to give up our plans to go north and visit our children and we have just sat at home doing nothing. 

We have this RV we are paying for we can't sell because we owe more and the bluebook value of it. So it has just been sitting here. Well I have found a way to start using it and getting out.

A couple days a month we have started to go to Florida State Parks to camp for 2 days a month.  If you are a Florida resident and a senior you can camp for half price. Which is $14 a night plus tax. comes to $37 for 2 nights. Just think that is not a lot of money to pay for a mini vacation.


This was at Gamble Rogers State Park. They have sites on Ocean side and River side .
We camped on River side. It is new and has spacious site really clean bathrooms and each site has fire ring, a grill, picnic table, and a clothes line for your wet towel and clothes.

This month we are going back there and then after that we will try other parks. Also we have a senior pass for National Forest service campground and we will try those also. 

I am 70 and my husband is 75. These are suppose to be our golden years yet all we were oing was sitting in house watching TV. So for all of you people so broke and on fix income this is one small thing you can do to get out.   If you don't have a RV or camper take a day trip somewhere. Pack a picnic so it is not expensive. Remember we don't have many days left so let us not spend them sitting in front of a TV.