Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great Vacation

What a wonderful vacation we have had. Our trip from Florida visiting relatives all the way through. Ronnae and family, Sterling and family,  Aunt Doris, Cousin Mike, Doreen, and Greg and family, Skip and Kathy, Amy and family and Carlee and Kyle.

And our friends at JPMC and up here in the Cape. God has blessed us with such great friends. You can go through life and only have one or two good friends but Leigh and I have been blessed with lifetime friends our whole life. And these are just a few.

Once we got to the cape the weather was great and Skip and Kathy came up with their boat and then the fun and fishing began.  We had great weather the whole time. Taking our walks daily on Tibbets Point road. Visiting our old haunts and friends, seeing the ships going up and down the river. I think of all our vacations this one was the best. Thanks be to God for giving us this time with family and friends.