Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watching the Casey Anthony Trial

We have been watching the Casey Anthony trial since the beginning. It has been long and boring so far. But what I have gotten out of the trial so far is if I was Casey, I would want different lawyers. If she is innocent they sure are not doing much to show reasonable doubt to the jury. The State of Florida seems to have strong circumstantial evidence.  I think it is sad that she may have killed her own child so she could party. How sad.

It sure looks like that is what has happened, unless her story is true and if so why would the parents let their child go to jail for murder. I wonder will the whole truth of this child's death ever come to light.  What say you?????? Comments welcome.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The little things!

Did you ever think that everything you say or do can have an impact of people and you never even realized it.
For example, say you take a child to church with you when they couldn't go otherwise. Maybe later in life that simple act can have a profound effect on that person.

Another example say you are going rollerskating with your kids and you take others who could not go other wise that sometimes make a difference in their life.

Another example you give encouraging words to someone who has low confidence in themselves. Those little words of encouragement  can make the world of difference in their live.

It can also go the other way also. You can say hurtful things and those hurtful words and stay with that person forever.

So  remember every little word we speak or kindness or hurtfulness we do has an impact on others. So try to make a good impact on people and try hard not to hurt.

We just don't know what little things will do in your life and in others.