Monday, August 31, 2009

Ladies Day out to Vinalhaven!

Since being in Maine I have met several people but have made two really neat friends. Shirley and Clara! Well, we planned a trip for a girl's day out. Shirley and Clara decided on a ferry boat ride to the Island of VinalHaven.

The weather was perfect. We left Bangor at 6 in the morning! Did a quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast and Dunking Donuts for a latte for Clara. Then we did our 2 hour ride to Rockland to catch the ferry.

The ride over to the island of Vinalhaven was wonderful. warm breezes and scenic views, lighthouses, bald eagles, dolphins, deer, birds, boats and Maine's coastal views at it's best.

The village of Vinalhaven was quaint, as most island villages are. Half the shops were closed down for the season but we shopped in the ones that were open. We rested at the gazebo and then went to the only place that was open to eat.

We all had lobster and chowder. Shirley and my lobster was great but Clara's was mushy so she had to send hers back. After that we had dessert at and ice cream place and headed back to the ferry.

On the way to the island we saw 2 eagles one was flying and another was in the water. We thought it was hunting but someone told us it was wounded. It was there on the way back. It had managed to get to a rock but it could not fly. We asked the captain of the ferry to please call wild life rescue. and hopefully he did.

When we got back to Rockland we did alittle shopping then headed home we were some very tired ladies. It was a really fun day and some girlfriend bonding was really going on! Thank you girls for a great day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our 2006 Windsport 34N For Sale

This is our RV. My dream that we gave up our home for. I love this Rv and love the places we have gone in it and the people we have met in it.

My husband did not share my dream but because of my cancer he wanted me to live my dream and I have. But a dream doesn't last forever and I have to wake up from my dream.

My husband needs a knee operation and he just turn 69 and he just wants to relax and not have to work and enjoy his life. He loves Florida and he wants to settle there. So it's time to let him live his dream.

We have had some wonderful times in this RV but it is now up for sale. We bought it October 2007 for $130,000 and now we are selling it for $50,000. Just enough to pay off the loans and little extra to put down on an apartment in Florida for us.

So if you know someone interested let me know. This could be someone dream too. It only has 11,000 miles. It has been loved and cared for.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thunder Hole when it thunders!

Today we made a trip to Thunder Hole in Arcadia National Park. Only one day after Hurricane Bill passed through. Yesterday at Thunder hole there was a tragedy there. 20 people watching the action at Thunder Hole was swept off the cliffs there and smashed into the rocks. A seven year old girl lost her life but a 12 year old was saved. 11 people were rushed to the hospital their injuries were mainly broken bones.

Today the rescue Boat was out there searching for 3 bodies. These pictures I have taken are the day after, so you can use your imagination to see what the conditions must have been yesterday.

I can't believe people would take such chances to get their pictures taken with the waves behind them. We were taking pictures of the waves as others but at a safe distance from the edge of the rocks. But today people were sneaking down when the park rangers were not looking. It is so sad that these people were enjoying their vacation and because of stupidity they lost their lives and some were children. What were their parents thinking?

Aside from yesterday's tragedy today was a wonderful time with my daughter and her boyfriend Joe. We enjoyed the wonderful scenery went into Bar Harbor and then came home tired from a great day spent together.