Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dad new boat

Well, as the temperature are finally starting to warm up. Dad has bought a little boat to get out fishing in. it is not big or even close to the boat we use to have but it will get him out on the water to fish. 

When we lived up here before we had a big boat but we both worked and did not to spend the time on the river. Hopefully this time will be different, and hopefully Dad son Skip will come up with his boat and we can go out and fish and explore the river.

Hopefully he will be able to do things retired people are suppose to do. Fish and enjoy life on the river.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Six months back at the Cape!

Well, we have been back at the cape for six months. We survived the winter which was mild for up here. Since Cape Vincent is a stone's throw away from Canada. In fact, I look out any of our windows that over look the St. Lawrence River and we see Wolfe Island Canada.

I have gotten a job here in our one and only grocery store Aubrey's. I have re-joined my church and I sing in the choir every Sunday. I still have the same friends we had years ago and it even seems as if we never left. We both feel at home we. We are 3 hours away from most of our children and grandchildren and 8 to 10 hours from the others.

The Cape is a small river town and things don't change much around here. In fact in the winter we pull in the side walks at 7PM and 8PM on weekends. LOL. I say this because our store closes at those hours.  We have a legion, a couple of bars, and a couple of restaurant's but only one restaurant is open in the winter.

Now the summer is totally different. We have tourist mostly Canadians running around and boating. We have a big French Festival in July, many other events, concerts in the park lots of boating and fishing derby's.

We have lots of snow birds who summer here. We have lots of trailer parks that they stay all summer in.  We live in a house that was the owner of one of the trailer parks Sunset Shore but he retired and sold out to a big corporation so we get to live in the house. Our rent is really reasonable. Which is good. But our fuel oil bill is not so good in winter.  That is why we are saving for a January break next year. We figured we would spent the oil money on a month in the sun. LOL.

The cape is a beautiful place. It has lots of wildlife and scene beauty with the river here.  We get to see the tankers and steamship lines going up and down the river from the end of March until December.

Life is slow here but very good. We are happy here and life is good. So now you know what we have been up to. Hope all is well in the lives of all who read my blog. Stop in and say hello every once in awhile and let me know what you have been up to. Cheers!