Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is suppose to make Mothers feel special. But I did not feel special on Mother's Day. It made me wonder, was I a terrible mom? What did I do wrong. Did I not give enough love? Did I treat my kids horrible? I got phone calls from my son and my one daughter. My other daughter responded to my post on FB where I wished my daughters and my mothers in heaven and my friends a Happy Mother's Day. Her response was" you too." Wow. I know I am feeling sorry for myself but I just thought the one day that is suppose to honor your mom would have been different.

My husband took me for a ride to the beach on his motorcycle and we had lunch and a drink on the roof of Finn's watching the ocean my favorite place. My daughter in law sent me a card and my best friend up North in Cape Vincent.

So am I wrong to want more.

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Butterfly said...

You aren't wrong at all. And I'm sorry to hear such a special day made you sad. But don't let it make you doubt yourself. Sometimes it's just the year. Some years are good, and some are not quite so good. But know that you did the best you could no matter what. :D